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# Rumie-Build

Created by Manav Chugh on Jul 23, 2020 The Rumie Initiative

This document will provide you with details on the Rumie-Build, specifications and parameters associated with the operation of the platform.

# Introduction:

The Rumie Platform reflects Rumie's newest solution for partners, expanding beyond traditional Rumie tablets and learning libraries to more versatile technology options that bring improved functionality to multiple devices, computers, laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

This solution will continue to bridge the learning and skills gap for learners around the world.

# Scope:

Rumie's newest technology offering includes three products: Build, Connect and Learn, that form an ecosystem to author content, customize the delivery of that content and engage the learner directly with the content. The ecosystem serves one main goal: to empower the best, free e-learning experience for any learner, regardless of their economic conditions or background.

# Summary:

Rumie Build is a cloud application that facilitates the introduction of microlearning, and the creation of digital microlearning courses by volunteer subject matter experts from corporate partners or independent authors. Through this platform, stakeholders are able to create and deploy their microlearning courses on Rumie-Learn for learners to access, interact and provide feedback on.

Rumie Build provides the full array of digital tools and a platform for volunteers to author Bytes covering a broad range of topics/ categories, based on their skills and expertise. These can be created individually or through a virtual workshop experience, to facilitate team-based collaboration for the authoring process.

The application provides the capability to create interactive quizzes, fun facts and also to populate the microlearning course with a wide array of digital media like audio, video and images all supported by a WYSIWYG editor, providing an intuitive experience for the authors in creating their microlearning course.

# Product Features - Soft Attributes

  • Microlearning framework
  • Partner and learner info
  • User profiles
  • Core builder module
  • Microlearning templates
  • Content repository

# Product Features - Hard Attributes

  • Avatar Creation: Create fun, creative Avatar of yourself and add a few facts to get to know participants in the workshop
  • Workshop and Byte Team Chat window: Users can interact using the chat window with all participants in the workshop and also their fellow Byte Team participants.
  • Participation: Users can author individually or in teams with a maximum of 10 people. Each team has a Team Lead. Team Leads are strictly tasked with the responsibility of publishing the finished Byte.
  • Author Bytes: Rumie-Build provides a skeleton format for each Byte (Introduction, Background, Content and Summary) sections to be populated using a rich text editor.
  • Multi columns: Providing structure and format to your Byte
  • One member per step: For all the sections, only one member of the team will be able to add content for that specific Step at a time. Once an author is finished they can exit the Step, which makes it available to all other Team Authors.
  • Quiz / Assessments: Create interactive multiple-choice Quizzes with explanation Per Byte Step
  • Fun Facts: Add optional small facts for every Byte Step
  • Add different media: Users can add audio, video and Image
  • Peer Review: Review the Byte you and your team created
  • Provide Feedback: At the end of your experience of collaboration and byte creation you can provide your feedback

# Outcomes

  • Volunteering opportunity
  • Objective insights on Content
  • Corporate mission awareness
  • Fun activity
  • Employee upskilling (process)
  • Intro to microlearning

# Specs

Rumie Build is an application enabling stakeholders to create microlearning courses covering a broad range of topics, based on their skills and expertise to provide digital impact for Learners around the world to access and interact with the microlearning courses.

Volunteers, corporate or independent authors interact with:

  • HTML 5
  • JavaScript
  • Firebase
  • WYSIWYG Byte Editor

# Who can access this platform?

The users need to have access to internet connectivity by Local Area Network or Wireless Network and also have Zoom downloaded on their workstations.

# Minimum Requirements to access:

Browser Compatibility - minimum versions for browsers are listed below:

  • Internet Explorer - 11
  • Edge - 81
  • Firefox - 76
  • Safari - 12, 13
  • Opera - 68
  • Chrome - 81

Have Zoom downloaded. If not please download Zoom Client for Meetings from here

# Services Used:


# Security & Certifications:


# GDPR compliance:

We are committed to the principles of GDPR compliance and particularly to the concepts of privacy and transparency with regard to the use of data. In addition, we aim to ensure:

  • That any processing is lawful, fair and necessary for a specific purpose
  • The data is kept safely and securely
  • We do not collect personal data beyond what is required for the functionality of our Products

# User Policies for accessing Rumie-Build:


# Privacy Policy


# Terms of Service


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